Hi Felicia and Eva here!

So on this page we are supposed to talk about ourselves, but truthfully in order to talk about ourselves we would have to write a novel (I don’t think you are here for a novel). Here’s a short form…

206816_4948170881_2349_nFelicia and I have  been friends since we were 9 years old that’s about 20 years now; Felicia would say “it feels like it”. We consider each other sisters, even though Felicia has an identical twin and I am biologically sister-less…I have three brothers though *insert tears*. We have started an online boutique called Peyton + Alex (named after my daughter) and are trying to make it as mothers and entrepreneurs.

We’ve read #Girlboss, watched #Girlboss and hope to be our own #BossBabes. IMG_8280We’re crazy, silly and determined and it tends to come out in everything we do. Felicia takes care of all the bath and body products and has surprised even me and shown me her insane crafting abilities. She’s also crazy about numbers and tries her hand at all things “accounting”. I am a fashion girl, graduated from fashion business and could probably spend all day sewing without feeling bad about it. I’m a kinetic learner so I spend a lot of my time watching youtube videos and following along when it comes time to learn a new skill (which we seem to have to do more and more).

That’s about it. I’m sure we will add more as time goes on but this page is pretty boring. Go…go read the rest of our blog it’s way better than this page 🙂