Jill(s) of all Trades

Hi Everyone,

Felicia and I have been through a lot so far in our adventure to become #BossBabes or #MomBosses #GirlBosses or whatever one is trending higher at the moment (truthfully I like them all) and most of it I’m pretty sure we fumbled through by the skin of our nose. But this week was an especially interesting time in our business and in our friendship.

We have been tight on everything: time, money, sanity and in my case…patience. I had a brief moment of rage and I texted Felicia a novel (side note – remember the days when sending long texts became a more of a decoding process because cell companies hadn’t quite perfected the 1/4, 2/4 process). I was angry because…well I felt like I was doing all the work (plus working full time). This was really a test I suppose. Felicia has moved much further away so meetings and organization is much more important. Don’t worry, we talked through it and all is well 🙂

Now to explain the title, Felicia and I completed a photoshoot this weekend and as usual we did it without a professional photographer or makeup artist. We had always assumed that these were necessary when taking good photos. I suppose we still do but we have really dug deep into the “do it your damn self” box and come out relatively unharmed. Our model was the lovely Rhéanna and once I picked up a new camera lens we were off to the races.


I had spent most of the week pawing through a Pinterest board Felicia had set up. “BohoIMG_1516 inspiration” is pretty much all I think of for summer. I’m a bohemian nut truly. Florals, maxi dresses, free wavy hair and a relaxed attitude, I love it all. I spent most of the nights watching Youtube videos on photography and what to do to take great photos. A few days before the shoot I printed off some makeup templates (you know the ones that are in books at mac) I played around with a few until I found a couple looks like I loved and saved them. Doing little things like that can really save you in the long run, especially when you are limited for time on shoot day.


Felicia and I set up my kitchen table with all the makeup I could think to use and every piece of bohemian inspired jewellery we both owned. We placed my curling iron and straightener on the table along with whatever brushes seemed appropriate.

I bought a Canon EF 50mm f1.8 STM lens for this photoshoot, I have been eyeing this lens for quite a while so I’m definitely glad I could add it to the family. Felicia brought her camera and we had about 200GB of memory between us to share. I had been up late the night before finishing some pieces and I had steamed a few just to save time. Felicia ironed the rest before our model arrived and everything was ready to go.



We aren’t professional makeup artists, we aren’t hairstylists, photographers,videographers or stylists but in the moment we managed to create the exact look we wanted. We realized that we had the ability to create exactly what we wanted without having to pay for others to provide it for us. No, our pictures aren’t “high quality” but they portray our vision. Yes, Felicia burned her hands while doing our models hair but her hair looked beautiful. Yes, I messed up her makeup and had to do a couple redoes but in the end it looked amazing and YES, we were both completely exhausted afterwards but it was well worth it when the pictures were finished and we realized that we had done it all ourselves.

Peyton + Alex SS17

We have grown so much since we started this business but doing this photoshoot has by

far been a huge eye opener for us. We have really learned exactly what we are capable of.

Don’t ever say you can’t do something without giving it a try first. Give yourself some credit and just do it. If you aren’t 100% sure you can youtube it or look it up on google. Pinterest is another really fantastic tool as well for little ideas and  hacks. You have it in you to do what needs to be down when the moment calls for it….so get out there!



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